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 Tennis Question of the Month



Should Venus and Serena Williams be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame separately or together?

Read my case and post your thoughts in the comments section.


The International Tennis Hall of Fame is the highest honor available in tennis. Since 1954, this honor has been presented to just 243 individuals from 21 nations. Inductees are considered for eligibility in one of three categories, Recent Player, Master Player, or Contributor. As many as eleven and as few as two are inducted every year.

There is no question Serena and Venus will be inducted into the International Hall of Tennis Fame, so the question that remains is when and with whom will they be inducted. These players have not only changed the game, they have revolutionized it! Change is simple and quantifiable, a revolution is characterized by change and upheaval on a grand scale. Fortunately for us, this revolution was televised!

In the beginning their form, game indeed their persons were often ridiculed and dismissed. Fifteen years later their games are spoken about with reverence. Indeed their mere presence has bolstered an often lackluster tour.

Serena and Venus will be inducted into the IHTF five years after their retirement. Granted they retire together, my hope is that they are inducted together. And their coaches should also be recognized as contributors to the sport for preparing and guiding their children through the minefield that is professional women’s tennis. Is there another coach linked to 28 singles slams, 13 doubles slams, 2 singles gold medals and 3 doubles gold medals?

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