Top Five Tennis Moments This Week (8-30-15)

The tennis calendar is the longest in sports. From January to November players traipse across the world accumulating points and hopefully titles while they avoid injury and fatigue. So much gets lost among the countless tournaments. Every week I’ll list the top five tennis moments.

5.  Maria Sharapova withdrew from the US Open with a leg injury.

4.  Petra Kvitova won New Haven, making this her third New Haven title and second consecutive. And she did this with mono.

3.   Kevin Anderson won Winston Salem and got the most unique trophy. This is his third title and first in three years.

2.  Justin Gimelstob is John Isner’s coach, TC commentator, and ATP Player Council member to name but a few of his tennis related roles. He famously waxed poetic about Kyrgios during the Isner-Kyrgios match about the player’s council intention to levy more fines on the young player. He even shared that Wawrinka wanted heavy penalties imposed and that most in the locker room would not take kindly to Kyrgios’ behavior. This week, in addition to the initial $10,000 fine the ATP levied a threat of another $25,000 payment plus a 28-day ban if the Australian offends again in the next six months. The sanctions will be imposed if he is fined for verbal or physical abuse, or if he incurs more than $5,000 in fines for any other reason, the ATP said in a statement on Monday.

1.   Tennis’ elite shut down NYC to shoot this! Enough said. Oh the drama and the stories we see in this photo!

Final NYC Elite Tennis Players Taxi

What was your top tennis moment this week?

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