Month: September 2015

Pilot Reviews: September’s Good, Bad and Unwatchable

Set in Whales during King Edward’s reign, The Bastard Executioner (BE) is one of TVs most expensive pilots (episodes 1/2) at ten million dollars and ninety-one minutes. It explores a hero’s double life as an executioner and rebel leader, who follows a Slavic witch’s council (Annora) and tries to avoid a political maverick … Continue reading Pilot Reviews: September’s Good, Bad and Unwatchable

Calling All TV Lovers!

tv shows lg collage Fall’s TV list is out and well I clicked the link, like some would open a Tiffany Box, jittery with anticipation and excitement. If you have read my Ten Best Shows of 2015 you know of my love, read addiction, for TV. There are  at least 90 returning shows and 45 new shows on network and cable TV this season.

I’ll review pilots of interest from the list provided here and choose several shows to follow for the entire season. At the end of every couple viewing weeks I’ll post the pilot reviews and note any shows I have selected to review for the entire season. I doubt I’ll review more than five shows for the season (new or returning). Let me know if there are any shows you’d like me to review for the pilot or season!


Ten Best Shows on TV 2015

Image Award imageOn Sunday, September 20th the television industry will recognize excellence with Emmy Awards. All the predictions have been made, the odds calculated and bets made. Often our most beloved shows are not recognized, nominated or awarded. Sons of Anarchy was as culturally provocative as Mad Men or Breaking Bad, but it was never an industry darling. My list of the ten best shows this year is an attempt to acknowledge the artists who have entertained and enlightened us with their work. You may be surprised that some of your favorites did not make my list.

There are many entertaining and enjoyable shows that simply were not the best shows of the year. The question I asked myself wasn’t only one of entertainment, but also one of anticipation, intrigue and unique storytelling. So while, Scandal,  Survivor’s Remorse, How To Get Away with Murder, American Crime, Power, Games of Throne, Walking Dead, Orphan Black, Broadchurch, The Strain, The Honourable Woman, and Red Road are some of my favorite shows, they did not top the scales in all areas this year. The best ten shows this year bring forth unique stories and they are told creatively with attention to pacing, imagery and have cultural impact without meaningless isms (misogny, sexism, racism…). The list does not include any Netflex or Amazon shows.

In no particular order here are my favorite shows this year. Let me know if you agree or disagree.