Immimnent Death?

heart rhtymsTelevision ratings have been experiencing arrhythmia. They have been irregular, rhythmless. Even ratings juggernauts Empire, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and Scandal have seen declining ratings. This is sending tv and ad executives to the ER seeking immediate fixes to avoid infarctions. Ironically, they would all be elated with tachycardia ratings; bradycardia would be their death.

Disappointing Game of Thrones season six premier ratings would send Hollywood into a tailspin!

Studios are reactionary. No doubt show runners have had far more notes this year. When year end ratings arrive next month, so will the far fetched ideas, cancellations, abrupt changes in production and the green lighting of absurd shows. A pendulum shift should be expected. If only stories mattered. With that I am off to enjoy Games of Thrones after drinking far too much Lemonade this weekend.

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