Month: August 2016

Top Five Moments in Tennis This Week 8/31/16

us open tenntis lupita

This is my first mid-week report. So you already know this slam is producing some great tennis! Lupita’s presence at the US Open should have alerted me that though this open has not garnered the mass media coverage it did last year for Serena’s Golden Slam Run, it would be even more intriguing. From the unveiling of Ashe and Grandstand renovations to the many opportunities for new records, this slam promises to give fans memories for a lifetime.

Check-out my five top mements this week and let me know yours?


The Best New Shows This Summer

Political Pundits drone on about the 24 hour news cycle, well  television critics should be harping on and promoting TV’s twelve month cycle. TV no longer has a bench for the B team. Long gone is the time when summer shows were only repeats or shows not good enough for the starter line-up in the Fall. This summer broadcast, cable and streaming networks have dug deep to present thoughtful and unique content.

There were three hundred new shows this summer. Too many for any sane person to actually watch, but here are the best shows I watched. Several of them should have been nominated… They were that good. (more…)