Month: January 2017

Top Moments From AO ’17

As the AO17 came to a close on the dawn of a new day in America, I realized that though tennis got the matches its fans and commentators yearned, the redux has cost us all. No where is this more evident than the lack of poignant writing about this slam. I may yet dub this slam the white noise; we all hear it but it doesn’t resonate in a multitude of ways. Serena vs. Venus and Federer vs. Nadal was comfortable and enjoyable like a summer reunion. It is the experience that reminds us of where we are from and who we wanted to be but come the end of the weekend we leave it knowing that it is a cradle from which we have to emerge to grow. Tennis is stunted by comfort. It needs the discomfort of Kyrios, Vandewege, Zverev, Osaka, etal… These disruptors need to step-up to the challenge by taking on their s/heros.  (more…)