Top 5 Moments in Tennis This Week 1/27

5. The commentating was horrendous especially given the incredible stories players have brought to this slam, AO17. On Tennis Channel and ESPN the live and packaged pieces on players and Australia are stale and delivered with stilted performances. After countless hours of matches I recall only one commentator, Jason Goodall, who provided insightful and concise analysis during the Vandeweighe/Williams match. Even more frustrating is the promotion of awkward and incestuous relationships. Do we really need Serena Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou’s on ESPN?

4. Cocoa almost made it to AO17 final! Her game this tournament was exceptional. Beyond her phenomenal ball striking and serving, her mental game put her in line for a top 10 spot this season. If she can keep her mental game sharp, America may have produced its next number 1!

3. Everything old is new again, at least in tennis…  In what other sport are the finalists twenty year veterans: Federer (35), Serena (35), Venus (36), Baroni (35), Nadal (30) and Bob/Mike Bryan (38).

2. Congratulations to the players and contributors to be inducted into into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, including Kim Clisters and Andy Roddick.

1. I had a dream that turned into a nightmare. Venus and Serena played a tight three set final and walked off the court holding hands into retirement leaving it all on the courts…


  • Here is hoping Tennis finally revamps the sport’s five set slam matches which deliver four hour matches detrimental to players health and the sport’s accessibility.
  • The best thing WTATennis has done lately is the injury report

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