The Most Anticipated Match in Rome…

The media are rubbing their hands in anticipation of another Nadal/Djokovic clay showdown. If Nadal can get by Fognini and Djokovic, Nishikori in the quarterfinals, the media and many fans will be as giddy as pigs in shit or college students at happy hour. This would be their first match since last year’s Madrid Masters Semifinal, which  Nadal won 6-2, 6-4.

Djokovic’s winning  H2H 26/24 is no match for Nadal’s clay dominance. Also, his slow return from his elbow injury only support another clay win for Nadal.

The narratives for the French Open are being written! We can now forget about Nadal’s lost to Thiem in Madrid’s quarterfinal 5-7, 3-6.

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