Month: March 2022

Tennis is a Self-saboteur!

Self-saboteurs fear success, focus on the past and procrastinate.

Fear guides tennis as much as money!

The sport refuses to address its many woes. Instead it holds fast to the past. Worse, it puts its procrastination and greed above the health (physical and mental) of its players. Why else, would an individual sport have an eleven month calendar? Serious injuries have sidelined the sport’s stars who are all nearing retirement (Federer, Williams, Nadal). Emerging stars too are dropping-out of tournaments at unprecedented rates. This week at the Miami Open, there have already been seven retirements (sinner, Badosa…), and quite a few lost matches with obvious injuries (Collins). Then there were the violent meltdowns. This is not alright. Will it take more players like Ash Barty to retire at twenty-five for the sport to see beyond the almighty dollar, to the well-being of its players?