Tennis Must Be Exhausting For Nick Kyrgios!

Nick Kyrgios is infuriating to watch. His talent is undeniable. Off-court he is likable, even endearing of late. The maturity, indeed introspection is clear. But on court, he is a man at war. Chirping. Bickering. Verbally Assaulting… His affronts are constant and seeming endless. There is no inner dialogue. He shares it all. No slight, real or imagined, is too small. Fans, players, umpires, line judges, family and friends all endure his stream of conscious. But he reserves the most negative energy for himself. Like a priest he self-flagellates as punishment, penance and performance.

Does Nick Kyrgios practice a self care?

The observant see this is more than impertinence, immaturity, ignorance. There is pain here. At times this looks like self-hate. If this phenom practiced more self-care than self-sabotage he would be atop the leaderboard not hovering the 40th spot.

For many years this behavior has hindered his success. This grass season he has looked determined; his game, deadly. Surprisingly, his on-court behavior hasn’t changed much. He’s still often outlandish, even explosive. He is probably the most fined player on the ATP. His dust-up with Tsitsipas was front page news. And his round of 16 five-set win against American Nakashima ushered in domestic violence allegations.

Today he defeated Chilean Cristian Garin in straight sets 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 (5). But the plotline was never easy or direct. His on-court chattering was incessant. More focused than ever, he was able to wrangle himself when the match required. He won this battle, but the war continues. In his first grand slam semi-final, he faces Nadal in a much anticipated match on Friday morning. His 3:6 head to head wit clay Goat will test his mettle!

This tennis savant with incredible tennis IQ, great hands, serve and surprising speed is arguably the most gifted and complete player. He does not have Federer’s elegance, Nadal’s work ethic or Djokovic’s stamina. He is plagued by very real forces. The media, the sport and himself. This is a lot with anyone to grapple, to sanely confront. It begs the question, is he actually freely exhibiting the mental toll athletes endure?

Regardless, it is clear, tennis is exhausting for Kyrgios. Beyond the physical requirements, his game requires a lot of him mentally and emotionally. He is a sports psychologist case study in the making. Hopefully, he has all the support he needs to get beyond this point of his sports career and life.

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