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ESPN & Tennis Channel Ruined AO 2022

Usually called the happy slam, the Australian Open is loved by players and fans alike. Unfortunately this year it was crippled by Djokovic’s vaccine deportation debacle, where is Peng Shuai t-shirt outrage and horrendous viewing problems in America.

Tennis fans have long learned to navigate the labyrinth of networks, streamers and illegal channels. But ESPN, AO tv rights holder, pushed most of the slam to their pay site, ESPN+. And Tennis Channel fumbled the ball with their re-airings. Too many matches, even in the later rounds were not shown in their entirety. Can you believe the women’s final was not shown in full. This has ruined the experience for old and new fans alike! Imagine NBC only airing the second half of the Super Bowl! Blasphemy!

Is this the beginning of the end for tennis?