Hello Tennis World!


This is my first blog and I am a bit apprehensive. Who am I kidding? I am close to deleting this whole thing, but I don’t even really know what I am doing in WordPress even though it is a simple template, arghhhhhhhhhh. These internet streets can be rough, so let me share a few things before I begin posting. First, I am not now or have I ever been a tennis player. I enjoy watching and talking about it. I hold no expertise, and I personally know no one on tour or in the tennis community. In fact, until recently I never even ventured into the tennis social media community. Sure, I read articles online and visited tennis websites to keep abreast of my favorite tournaments and players, but I have not been immersed in this fascinating tennis culture.

So why did I start a blog? Good question because I am an introvert who shies away from social media. I abhor Facebook and until this week I did not have an twitter account. I still don’t have any other social media though I do like Instagram. At this point I am blogging because I enjoy the sport and I like to write. I’ll push myself to follow all the tennis minds I enjoy and eventually I hope to actually tweet out my posts. I must be the only blogger with this level of anxiety about sharing my thoughts yet I do really enjoy stimulating discussions.  Well, I should just say I like to argue with thoughtful and insightful people who won’t take things personally. I hope this blog helps me to interact with other tennis lovers online.

I am not Australian! I came to the name 1TennisMate when I heard Kyrigos’ sledge which ended with, “Sorry to tell you mate.” I even ended-up writing my first true post about the Kyrigos sledge and the responses we have heard thus far. Take a look and let me know what you think.

As I post more I hope to be more relaxed and conversational in my writing tone; I tend to be a bit stuffy and proper in writing; we’ll get past this… I’ll write about the things I see and hear that intrigue, baffle or frustrate me.  Feel free to comment or tweet me questions or ideas.

Just know, I can be a bit socially awkward so be gentle. Let’s roll!

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