Post Retirement Game

Many of our tennis favorites are nearing the end of their careers, voluntarily or not. When they leave the court, they may totally disappear from public life. However, they will likely launch into a second career at the tender age of somewhere near forty if the tennis gods were good to them.

So what do you see these tennis players doing after they retire.


  1. Petra Kvitova
  2. Bethany Mattak
  3. Flavia Penneta
  4. Martina Hingis
  5. Roger Federer
  6. Bryan Brothers (Mike and Bob)
  7. Andrea Petkovic
  8. Leander Peas
  9. David Ferrer
  10. Rafa Nadal


  1. Coach
  2. Commentator
  3. Motivational Speaker
  4. Corporate/Product Ambassador or Representative
  5. Humanitarian
  6. Artist (Singer, Musician, Actor, comedian, Writer, Filmmaker)
  7. CEO/Business Guru
  8. Politician
  9. Socialite
  10. Other



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