The Trumping of the WTA

When an authoritarian figure charged with the responsibility of an entire tour acts in ways that are detrimental to the tour one has to wonder, why?

Trumping – the act of denigrating or intentionally destroying another in an effort to promote oneself, prosper, avoid public shaming or as a result of simple incompetence.

Tennis is a unique sport. Lacking a commissioner or union, it is too easy for those in power to take advantage or abuse the fans, players, tournaments and ultimately the sport. In post after post, I have pondered the future of the sport, especially the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

In the nearly two years since replacing Stacy Allaster as the CEO of the WTA, Steve Simon has made comments and changes which clearly have not benefited the tour. His lack of action on the overwhelming WTA Calendar  and bungling of the television rights alone should be grounds for his ousting.

Simon lacks good PR and more importantly good decision-making. How many more times will he have to put the sport and the players’ livelihood in jeopardy before they ‘resist’ in meaningful and lasting ways. The women, regardless of their age, residence or status, must organize and rebel before all is lost!

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